The original is serious! Women's volleyball team's 2-meter MVP revealed that her legs were 1.3 meters long and 33 cm long in three years, surpassing Zhu ting

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Original title: severe harm! The 2-meter MVP of women's volleyball team claims that her legs are 1.3 meters long and 33 centimeters long in three years, surpassing Zhu gengting

Chinese women's volleyball team is continuing training, and Lang Ping is continuing to polish yuan Xinyue. The 2.01-meter-tall woman volleyball girl has become a world-class secondary attack player under the careful training of Lang Ping. The young story of yuan xinyuecheng has been exposed recently.

Yuan Xinyue was 1.66 meters tall when she entered the Bayi women's volleyball team in 2009, before she was under 13 years old. At that time, it was not expected that she would become the first height of the Chinese women's volleyball team. But in the following three years, Yuan Xinyue's height soared. Once talking about the most terrifying period of his height jump, Yuan Xinyue said: \